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18 Apr 2020

Beautiful patio and artificial grass installation complete by the luxury lawns team💚

It’s not just artificial grass we do….. we also do patios!

Take a look at this beautiful porcelain patio we recently installed and luxury artificial grass to finish. Low maintenance, Hassle free, fantastic for pets and children! 🐶

The Luxury Lawns team totally transformed this garden into an area the whole family can enjoy😊

This year is filling up fast, Give us a call or send us an email for any of your garden requirements or questions you have👍


21 Jun 2019

Fake grass is growing in popularity

Artificial grass, or turf, is fast increasing in popularity and can be seen all over the World. Turf can be used for multitude of uses But which one is appropriate for you? We offer a wide range of artificial grass types all suitable for the following grass installations: landscape, pet friendly, gym grass, putting green and playground. Our artificial turf is UV resistant and perforated for adequate drainage. That means it won’t fade, and it will drain very well meaning your garden is useable all year round!

Pet friendly artificial grass

Best of all, It looks and feels like real grass, but doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance. Luxury lawns also supply and install pet friendly artificial turf. Pet friendly artificial grass is also perfect for the sensitive paws of your beloved pets. With soft fibres and a higher drainage rate, pet friendly turf is a sanitary, sterile environment for your pet.

UV stable and rated for outdoor use, this turf is super easy to clean and contains no lead or hazardous material that can harm your pet.

Artificial grass suitable for the gym, versatile enough for just about any workout

Most gym turf is for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s made from a thinner, more dense fibre, and is easy to clean and maintain. Gym turf comes with or without padding, making it versatile for just about any workout. Best yet, it’s super shock absorbent and items can slide over it easily. Ever thought about adding turf to your gym? Now’s your chance! Our putting green is great for indoor and outdoor use. It features thinner, high-density fibre that allows golf balls to roll true. It actually looks and feels like natural putting grass.

Artificial turf for playgrounds and nurseries

Playground turf typically features a higher face weight and a much more durable fibre than standard landscape turf, so your kids will be safe at play. And a little secret: the higher the face weight, then the more dense and durable the turf will be. How can you tell if your turf will work outside? Well check the fibres. Nylon fibres are not recommended for outdoor use because they can fade in direct sunlight. However poly fibres can handle the sun without any problems. Be sure to check the manufacturers instructions for a complete list to make sure your turf looks its best. Now that you know everything about turf, go out and start shopping today. A maintenance free lawn is only a click away.

20 Jun 2019

Pet friendly artificial grass

Your pets will enjoy their new artificial grass lawn just as much as real lawn!

Dog owners especially might worry about their pets not taking to the feel, look or smell of artificial grass which could possibly lead to problems inside the house as well as out the house. But In fact, pets seem to take to artificial grass really quickly, artificial grass is soft, natural looking and enjoyable for your pets, they will play on it just as they would real grass but you no longer have to worry about the muddy paws coming back in the house! 

Is artificial grass easy to maintain?

Your pets can enjoy artificial grass all year round, let the dogs out hassle free with a fake lawn knowing no muddy footprints will be coming in! When it comes to maintaining your artificial grass when you want to fertilise, mow, or weed your lawn using chemicals.And because artificial grass it won’t freeze over your dog will enjoy running around outside even on the coldest of days.

Looking after your artificial grass lawn

Pets can be messy, bringing the mud from the garden back into the house, but with artificial grass, you won’t have to worry about mud, wear and tear or a patchy lawn. 

Artificial grass is permeable so pets urine drains through the artificial grass surface, faeces can easily be picked up and disposed of, you can then wash down the area keeping your lawn fresh. With artificial grass you won’t have any muddy patches on your fake lawn, Your garden will stay looking as fresh as your floors, and your pets will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds inside and outside the house.

20 Jun 2019

Dog wee on artificial grass

Artificial grass is a great alternative to natural grass. There’s no need for watering, no mowing, and it always looks lush and green. However, if you do have artificial grass and a pet that uses the lawn, you may have come across the problem of getting rid of urine odours, even after you’ve hosed the area down. One of the reasons urine on artificial grass smells stronger than on regular grass is simply heat. Artificial grass is made of synthetic materials like plastic, which retain the heat of direct sunlight.

In fact, it can get six to 10 times hotter than regular plant grass. To understand why urine is so difficult to remove, we need to be aware of how synthetic grass is layered, and what happens to the urine once your pet has visited. Artificial grass is usually built on crushed rock and sand, with small holes in the material to allow for drainage. When urine comes in contact, it may seep down through the grass and into the rock and sand layers underneath.

When urine dries, it crystallizes, and it’s these uric acid crystals which remain under the grass and are difficult to remove. As soon as there’s a bit of heat or humidity, these uric acid crystals, which are the main source of the urine smell, activate and release the urine odor. Detergents or water alone will usually break down these non-soluble uric acid crystals, and the odour will soon disappear.

08 Jun 2019

Why Our Luxury Lawns Artificial grass is A Realistic Alternative To Natural Grass


Luxury Lawns artificial grass Is A great Realistic Alternative To Natural grass

If you are looking for an alternative to your natural lawn, look no further than Luxury Lawns Gloucestershire. We have a fantastic range of artificial grasses which are some of the most natural looking artificial grass available on the market.

Free Artificial grass quote!

You would have probably undertaken a lot of extensive research and learned that there are a number of benefits when it comes to having your garden transformed with artificial grass, so get in touch today with Luxury Lawns for your free artificial grass quote.

Some of the benefits of artificial grass 

The benefits of artificial grass are endless!  Artificial lawns can be easily and effortlessly maintained giving you more time to enjoy your beautiful lawn rather than maintaining it! saving you time mowing and weeding your natural lawn. 

Below are Some of the areas where artificial grass has many benefits over natural grass: 

  • If you have a shaded area where it is difficult to grow grass
  • If you have pets, no more muddy paws 
  • If you work away or you are elderly or you simply do not have the time to maintain your natural lawn, then artificial grass is the perfect solution.
  • If you have an area of grass that is used heavily 
  • Artificial grass can be fixed directly to decking, brightening up any garden

If you have decided that artificial grass is the ideal solution for your lawn, you’ll find that there are a number of different options available to you. The grass you select depends on Where you would like the artificial grass installed. Luxury lawns have many different grasses for you to chose from, different lengths/ density/ Different textures and of course different colours. 

Gloucestershire Artificial Grass specialists 

If you are looking for a specific style at your property then give luxury lawns a call, we have over 10 years experience installing artificial grass with a huge range of unique installations that have been completed. The variety of our artificial grasses ensure that there is something for everyone, From artificial grass ideal for playgrounds and nurseries too artificial grass used for sporting activities such as putting greens, tennis courts, bowling greens and so on.

Artificial grass can be installed almost anywhere!

Some of the places where artificial grass can be used effectively are: 

  • Directly fitted to patio areas 
  • Decking areas, artificial grass can be installed straight to decking giving you a great non slip alternative
  • Around swimming pools, Jacuzzis and trampolines 
  • In an entrance porch or drying room at your property
  • In nurseries/ play areas 
  • Door mats
31 May 2019

Another beautiful artificial grass installation in Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Take a look at this beautiful artificial grass installation completed by the luxury lawns team in Gloucester, Gloucestershire this week.

The month of May has been a very busy one in the artificial grass world! And what a beautiful month it has been! For some more artificial grass before & after pictures take a look at our Facebook page or this section of our website

Give a member of the luxury lawns team a call for a free artificial grass garden survey, we have a beautiful artificial grass selection for you to select from. Luxury lawns have some fantastic very dark green artificial grass products to very natural looking grass products with a brown thatch in the base of the grass, a variety of different pile heights suitable for all applications.

Get your garden in check this year with our beautiful fake grass!

12 May 2019

Recent artificial grass installation, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Check out this beautiful artificial grass transformation completed in Gloucester by the luxury lawns team this weekend.

Another job the luxury lawns team are very proud of and another happy customer, now the children can enjoy there lovely new artificial lawn without bringing any mud back in the house! This artificial grass installation was carried out this weekend with our very popular grass “Emerald”.

Luxury lawns Gloucester have completely transformed this garden with their very popular, beautiful artificial grass “Emerald” and have turned this boggy garden into an artificial grass lawn the whole family can enjoy no matter what the weather.

Is artificial grass the perfect solution for your lawn? Get in touch with Luxury Lawns today for a free quote to transform your lawn, we offer full supply & installation of artificial grass with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.






10 May 2019
Preparing for artificial grass installation in Gloucester

Luxury Lawns are a small, professional team dedicated to installing the best artificial grass in Gloucestershire.

Take a look at this beautiful installation completed by the Luxury Lawns team this week in Kingsway, Gloucester

Professionally installed artificial grass may be expensive but when installed correctly will last you for years to come! With over 10 years experience installing artificial grass, choosing Luxury lawns to install artificial turf for your garden is a bit of a no-brainier! We are Gloucestershires no.1 artificial grass installers and we are dedicated to installation the best artificial grass in Gloucester! Luxury Lawns provide our customers with a variety of products to suit any domestic, commercial or sporting application, Place your trust in Luxury Lawns for an artificial grass lawn that will look absolutely perfect once we’ve transformed your garden, take a look at our recent installations and feedback from customers.

Luxury Lawns Gloucestershire install artificial grass across the whole region, including:

  • Gloucestershire
  • Cheltenham
  • Stonehouse
  • Swindon
  • Tewkesbury
  • Fairford
  • Marlborough
02 May 2019
Artificial grass installation in Tuffley, Gloucestershire.

Artificial grass installation, Tuffley, Gloucester

The luxury lawns team installed this beautiful artificial lawn this week in Gloucester, Gloucestershire.

This artificial grass was installed for an elderly couple struggling to maintain there garden, now the luxury lawns team have saved them the hassle and the hard work away of mowing/weeding and maintaining their lawn.

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