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20 Apr 2019

Installing fake grass on decking

Can fake grass be installed on decking?

Covering your tired decking with Artificial Grass is a simple and effective way of brightening up your garden.
Not only will it transform the look of your outdoor space but it will also provide you with a non – slip, soft, usable space which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Take a look at this recent artificial grass installation we completed last week. Artificial grass is a great solution for any dull slippery surface, we completely transformed this decking area with our gorgeous green artificial grass.

Is your decking area suitable for artificial grass?

As long as your decking has been correctly installed and is in relatively good condition then fake grass is an ideal solution for any decking area as weeds and drainage have already been accounted for.

Tips for installing your artificial lawn to your decking area?

– Check the quality of the decking installed, make sure the decking area is sturdy and still in good health.

– Check for wide gaps between the decking boards. Any gab over 1cm if possible should be reduced if possible to avoid seeing any creases in the artificial grass and avoiding a potential trip hazard.

– Make sure the decking area is clean and swept thoroughly before installing the fake grass to the decking. If any area of the decking that needs treating or replacing then at this stage it is advisable to replace them if necessary.



15 Apr 2019

Artificial grass supply & installation

When deciding whether you want to invest in artificial grass for your garden, it’s imperative to do your research as much as possible and get it right the first time.

Artificial grass installation, Do it once, do it properly!

Having the correct groundwork’s installed for your artificial grass is absolutely essential to gain the most life expectancy out of your fake grass. Without the correct groundwork’s installed, it’s very common for your artificial lawn to suffer from very poor drainage, weed growth, sinkage and so on! all of which will drastically decrease the life expectancy of your artificial lawn.

Do your research! Get the professionals in to supply and install your artificial grass.

Do your research and find a reputable company to install your artificial grass as when not installed correctly,  quite frankly is not worth installing at all!

6 months down the line your beautiful artificial grass lawn may not be draining properly, may have weeds coming through and possibly the groundwork is sinking.

The luxury lawns team have had endless amounts of calls from customers who have had their artificial grass lawns installed by landscapers and even other artificial grass companies and unfortunately have not been installed correctly.

12 Apr 2019

Recent artificial grass transformation in Kingsway, Gloucester

Another day, another garden transformed by our beautiful artificial grass!

The luxury lawns team have been very busy this week in Kingsway, Gloucester. Take a look at this artificial grass transformation!

No more watering, feeding or mowing to keep this lawn looking beautiful. Now this happy customer has a gorgeously green artificial lawn which the whole family can enjoy all year round!

Once the luxury lawns team have transformed your garden, your Artificial Grass will never need mowing! saving you time to enjoy your weekends in the sun.

07 Apr 2019

Luxury lawns transformed this boggy garden into a beautiful artificial lawn

The luxury lawns team transformed this boggy garden in Hempsted, Gloucester this week into a beautiful artificial grass lawn.

This customer no longer has to worry when letting his dogs out about any muddy paws combing back in!

Our very popular Emerald artificial grass installed and another very happy customer. Make the most out of your garden this summer and get luxury lawns to supply and install artificial grass in your garden, take a look at our recent artificial grass installations in the before & after section of our website.

We kind of know what we’re doing when it comes to artificial grass! with over ten years of artificial grass installation experince.
Give luxury lawns a call for a free no obligation quote or if you are looking for artificial grass supply we are happy to supply you with luxury artificial grass for your area and we’re always on board to help with any questions you may have regarding artificial grass.

04 Apr 2019

Your local artificial grass supply and installation team

Another garden transformed by the luxury lawns team in Hardwicke, Gloucester.

Luxury lawns have been installing artificial grass for over 6 years in Gloucester, Gloucestershire. We install our luxury fake grass on the best groundwork’s possible allowing your garden to drain well and look beautiful 365 days a year.

We all want to make life easier for ourselves, especially when it comes to The maintenance of the garden.

Why switching to artificial grass just makes sense!?
Once you have artificial grass installed the children can play all day on the lawn no matter what the weather!
No more muddy footprintsin the house and no muddy paws!
pets don’t leave stains when they go to the toilet, there is perforations in the backing of the artificial grass allowing the urine to drain through the artificial lawn.
Solid waste is effortless to pick up and much easier than cleaning up from a natural lawn. You can sit back and relax knowing that you don’t have to mow your lawn, feed your lawn or water you lawn. Artificial grass is an ideal solution to the many problems having a natural lawn has.

Worried about nature?
Why not add a beautiful flower boarder around your artificial grass? A sleeper boarder always looks good around artificial grass! Trees and bushes can be kept in the garden if desired as artificial grass can be cut around the bases.

Areas the luxury lawns team cover:
Bourton on the water
Shipston on stour

And more!

02 Apr 2019

A beautiful artificial grass lawn installation completed by the luxury lawns team this week in Tuffley, Gloucester

A Professional installation completed this week by the luxury lawns team in Gloucester, Gloucestershire.

Luxury Lawns artificial grass is supplied and fitted on groundworks designed to last our customers for many years to come.

No muddy or discoloured patches with artificial grass!
If you have a trampoline, large bushes/trees or anything in your garden causing permanent shade, you will more than likely have large areas of your lawn that are patchy or muddy. With artificial grass you can be sure your lawn will remain green and beautiful despite any wear and tear.

A sleeper border always looks great with artificial grass, creating a lovely area to add beautiful plants around your artificial lawn brightening up your garden even more! fake grass can easily be installed around trees, hedges, trampolines and much more.

No More Mowing
No More Mud
No More Waterimg
Perfect For Pets
Very little maintenance
No Discoloured patches
No more weeding
Pollen free in the summer
Hardwearing Play Areas, great for schools and nurseries.

31 Mar 2019

Thinking of having artificial grass installed? Find some of the benefits of artificial grass below

Thinking of transforming your garden with artificial grass, below is some of the many benefits of having artificial turf!

Great for pets!
Our artificial grass lawns are great for pets!The artificial grass has perforations in the backing allowing the artificial grass to drain easily.

Low maintenance!
Going artificial is a great low maintenance option, No mowing, no watering, no feeding and no weeding.
Artificial grass has come a long way over the years and we have a great selection of artificial lawns to chose from. Artificial grass can be fixed directly to decking and patios brightening up your area and avoiding a slippery surface.

Luxury lawn without the maintenance!
A Luxury lawn gives the look and feel of a beautifully maintained lawn all year round. No mowing, no mud, no patches, no flooding and no weeds!

No hassle!
Going on a holiday or in the middle of summer? There’s no need to worry once you go artificial! You don’t need to ask a neighbour to cut or water your garden for you, your lawn will look beautiful all year round.

29 Mar 2019

Shipston-on-Stour artificial grass supply and installation

It’s time to replace your patchy worn out lawn and time to give luxury lawns a call to transform your grass into a beautiful low maintenance lawn the whole family can enjoy.

Luxury Lawns have over a decade of experience providing professional installations for domestic, school/nurseries and commercial customers.

Take a look at our recent installation we completed in Shipston-on-Stour with our stunning fake grass!

Luxury Lawns offer some of the most natural looking grasses available. Our artificial grass selection is suitable for pets and children so whe whole family can enjoy a perfect lawn this summer without the hassle and costs of maintaining one.

24 Mar 2019

Why artificial grass for your front lawn is the ideal solution

Many front garden lawns are very small and difficult to maintain. Often the only way to cut your front lawn is to bring the lawn mower through the house making the house dirty and a lot of hassle. Maintaining a perfect lawn in the summer months can be difficult and in general the amount of effort needed to maintain this small area is not really worth the hassle!

The front garden can be totally transformed by adding artificial grass, this is why artificial grass is proving such a popular choice in front gardens. Save yourself the hassle this summer and give luxury lawns a call to add that curb appeal to your property.


Take a look at some of our recent front garden artificial lawn installations

15 Mar 2019

Low maintenance lawn without the hassle

Another beautiful artificial grass turf installation completed by the luxury lawns team this week in Down Ampney.

400 sqm of our popular, very natural looking “Andorra deluxe” artificial grass lawn installed.

Luxury lawns Gloucester offer a wide selection of some of the most natural looking artificial grasses available in the market.

Our fake grass is made from the finest materials available and is guaranteed to last you for years to come. We offer a variety of different colours and lengths of artificial grass to suit your particular needs.

Take a look at our many reviews or our recent installations and get in contact with a member of the luxury lawns team for any of your artificial grass requirements!

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