Doing Research on Artificial Grass

When deciding whether you want to invest in artificial grass for your garden, it’s imperative you do as much research on artificial grass as possible and get it right the first time.

Installation: Do it once and Do it properly!

Having the correct groundwork’s installed for your artificial grass is absolutely essential to gain the most life expectancy out of your fake grass. Without the correct groundwork’s installed, it’s very common for your artificial lawn to suffer from very poor drainage, weed growth, sinkage and so on! all of which will drastically decrease the life expectancy of your artificial lawn.

Do your research!

Do your research and find a reputable, professional company to supply and install your artificial grass. When not installed correctly, quite frankly is not worth installing at all!

6 months down the line, your beautiful artificial lawn may have drainage issues, weeds or sinking groundwork. Luxury Lawns receives many calls from customers who had their artificial grass installed incorrectly by other companies.

How We Can Help

At Luxury Lawns, we have over 10 years experience installing artificial grass with a huge range of unique completed installations. We have a fantastic range of artificial grasses which are some of the most natural looking artificial grass available on the market.

The variety of our artificial grasses ensure that there is something for everyone. From playgrounds and nurseries, to putting greens and tennis courts, artificial grass has many applications.

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