Installing Fake Grass on Decking

Can fake grass be installed on decking?   

Installing fake grass on decking will not only transform the look of your outdoor space but it will also provide you with a non-slip, soft, usable space which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Covering your tired decking with Artificial Grass is a simple and effective way of brightening up your garden. Artificial grass is a great solution for any dull slippery surface, we completely transformed this decking area with our gorgeous green artificial grass. Take a look at this recent installation we completed last week.

Installing fake grass on decking

Is my decking area suitable for artificial grass?

As long as your decking has been correctly installed and is in relatively good condition, fake grass is an ideal solution for any decking area. Weeds and drainage have already been accounted for, by the existing decking.

Tips for installing your artificial lawn to your decking area?

  • Check the quality of the decking installed, make sure the decking area is sturdy and still in good health.
  • Check for wide gaps between the decking boards. Any gab over 1cm if possible should be reduced if possible to avoid seeing any creases in the artificial grass and avoiding a potential trip hazard.
  • Make sure the decking area is clean and swept thoroughly before installing the fake grass to the decking. Replace or treat any necessary areas of the decking during this stage.

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