Our Artificial Grass is a Realistic Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to your natural lawn, look no further than Luxury Lawns Gloucestershire. Firstly, our artificial grass is a great realistic alternative to natural grass. Additionally, we have a fantastic range of artificial grasses which are some of the most natural looking artificial grass available.

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You would have probably undertaken a lot of extensive research and learned that there are a number of benefits when it comes to having your garden transformed with artificial grass. Get in touch with Luxury Lawns today for your free artificial grass quote.

Some of the benefits of artificial grass 

The benefits of artificial grass are endless!  Artificial lawns can be easily and effortlessly maintained giving you more time to enjoy your beautiful lawn! Therefore, saving you the time you would’ve spent mowing, weeding and maintaining your natural lawn.

Benefits over natural grass: 

  • If you have a shaded area where it is difficult to grow grass
  • If you have pets, no more muddy paws 
  • If you work away or you are elderly or you simply do not have the time to maintain your natural lawn, then artificial grass is the perfect solution.
  • If you have an area of grass that is used heavily 
  • Artificial grass can be fixed directly to decking, brightening up any garden

If you have decided that artificial grass is the ideal solution for your lawn, you’ll find that there are a number of different options available to you. However, the grass you select depends on where you would like the artificial grass installed. Consequently, Luxury Lawns have many different grasses for you to chose from, with different lengths, densities, textures and of course colours. 

Gloucestershire Artificial Grass specialists 

If you are looking for a specific style at your property then give Luxury Lawns a call, we have over 10 years experience installing artificial grass with a huge range of unique installations that have been completed. Our artificial grass is a great realistic alternative to natural grass.

The variety of our artificial grasses ensure that there is something for everyone. From artificial grass ideal for playgrounds and nurseries too artificial grass used for sporting activities such as putting greens, tennis courts, bowling greens and so on.

Artificial grass can be installed almost anywhere!

Some of the places where artificial grass can be used effectively are: 

  • Directly fitted to patio areas 
  • Decking areas, artificial grass can be installed straight to decking giving you a great non slip alternative
  • Around swimming pools, Jacuzzis and trampolines 
  • In an entrance porch or drying room at your property
  • In nurseries/ play areas 
  • Door mats

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Our Artificial grass is A Realistic Alternative

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