Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Artificial grass, or turf, is fast increasing in popularity and can be seen all over the World. Turf can be used for multitude of uses but which one is appropriate for you? We offer a wide range of artificial grass types all suitable for the following grass installations: landscape, pet friendly, gym grass, putting green and playground.

Our artificial turf is UV resistant and perforated for adequate drainage. That means it won’t fade, and it will drain very well meaning your garden is useable all year round!

Pet friendly artificial grass

Best of all, It looks and feels like real grass, but doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance. Luxury Lawns also supply and install pet friendly artificial turf. Pet friendly artificial grass is also perfect for the sensitive paws of your beloved pets. With soft fibres and a higher drainage rate, pet friendly turf is a sanitary, sterile environment for your pet.

UV stable and rated for outdoor use, this turf is super easy to clean and contains no lead or hazardous material that can harm your pet.

Suitable for the gym, versatile enough for just about any workout

Most gym turf is for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s made from a thinner, more dense fibre, and is easy to clean and maintain. Gym turf comes with or without padding, making it versatile for just about any workout. Best yet, it’s super shock absorbent and items can slide over it easily. Ever thought about adding turf to your gym?

Now’s your chance! Our putting green is great for indoor and outdoor use. It features thinner, high-density fibre that allows golf balls to roll true. It actually looks and feels like natural putting grass.

Artificial turf for playgrounds and nurseries

Playground turf typically features a higher face weight and a much more durable fibre than standard landscape turf, so your kids will be safe at play. And a little secret: the higher the face weight, then the more dense and durable the turf will be.

How can you tell if your turf will work outside? Well check the fibres. Nylon fibres are not recommended for outdoor use because they can fade in direct sunlight. However poly fibres can handle the sun without any problems. Be sure to check the manufacturers instructions for a complete list to make sure your turf looks its best.

Now that you know everything about turf, go out and start shopping today. A maintenance free lawn is only a click away.

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pet friendly artificial grass

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