Removing Artificial Grass: Reclaiming Your Garden

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when discovering features left behind by the previous owners. One such feature might be artificial grass in the garden. Removing artificial grass, for either new high quality turf or to revert to natural grass, is possible when renovating your new garden.

Firstly, it is essential to assess the situation and understand how artificial grass has been installed. Is the grass glued down, or simply laid atop a base layer? Identifying this will guide you in choosing the right tools and methods for removal. Typical tools for removing artificial grass include a spade, turf cutter, utility knife and gloves.

The process of removing the grass will depend on its installation. If glued, carefully cut the grass into manageable strips and use a spade to pry them loose. Removing glued grass might require more effort and possibly professional assistance. If the grass is not glued, cut it into sections and roll it up. If the grass has compacted over time, you might need a turf cutter.

Disposing of the artificial grass is the next step, and you must do it responsibly. Check with your local recycling or waste management centre for proper disposal guidelines, since artificial grass often contains materials that you shouldn’t place in regular trash.

After removal, you may need to restore the soil with organic matter and nutrients, particularly if you plan to grow natural grass or plant a garden. Preparing the ground for new artificial grass or natural grass is a crucial phase in reclaiming your garden.

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