The History of Artificial Grass

Initial Development

The history of artificial grass dates back to the mid-20th century. Initially, developers conceived the idea of artificial turf as a playing surface for sports fields. A group of researchers at the University of North Carolina created the first synthetic surface in the 1960s. The idea was create a surface that would be more durable and require less maintenance than natural grass.

The first artificial grass was made from nylon and it had a short pile height, which meant that it was not very realistic looking. However, it was still a significant advancement at the time and it quickly gained popularity among sports teams and organisations. The first professional football game played on artificial turf was held in 1966, at the Houston Astrodome.

Over Time

The technology and materials used to create artificial grass improved, and the appearance and performance of the turf became more realistic. During the 1980s, developers created a new type of artificial turf known as the third-generation or 3G turf. They designed this new generation of artificial grass with longer pile heights and more realistic colours to mimic the look and feel of natural grass.


Today, people use artificial grass for various purposes, including sports fields, playgrounds, and both residential and commercial landscaping. It has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in the UK, who are looking for a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. Artificial grass is now available in a variety of colours, textures and pile heights, making it possible to create a lawn that looks and feels just like real grass.

There are many benefits that go with having artificial grass. It requires no watering, mowing or fertilising, which can save homeowners a lot of time and money. It is also much more durable than natural grass and it can withstand heavy use and foot traffic. Additionally, artificial grass is eco-friendly, as it requires no pesticides or herbicides, which can be harmful to the environment.


The history of artificial grass is a fascinating one and it is clear that this innovative product has come a long way since it’s early days. Today, artificial grass is a popular and practical solution for homeowners in the UK who want a low-maintenance, attractive lawn. With it’s many benefits, it’s easy to see why more and more people are making the switch to artificial grass.

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