Transforming your garden with artificial grass

Thinking of transforming your garden?

Are you thinking of transforming your garden with artificial grass? We’re here to help you decide and below is some of the many benefits of having artificial turf!

Great for pets! 

Our artificial grass lawns are great for pets! The artificial grass has perforations in the backing allowing the artificial grass to drain easily.

Low maintenance!

Going artificial is a great low maintenance option, No mowing, no watering, no feeding and no weeding.

Artificial grass has come a long way over the years and we have a great selection of artificial lawns to chose from. Artificial grass can be fixed directly to decking and patios brightening up your area and avoiding a slippery surface.

Luxury lawn without the maintenance!

A Luxury lawn gives the look and feel of a beautifully maintained lawn all year round. No mowing, no mud, no patches, no flooding and no weeds!

No hassle!

Going on a holiday or in the middle o There’s no need to worry once you go artificial! You don’t need to ask a neighbour to cut or water your garden for you, your lawn will look beautiful all year round.

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